Ping My Bell

A Tiny Golf Coach That Lives on Your Putter

UD - iPing Sometimes you golf.

It’s a fact.

And sure, you’ve had a few golden afternoons. Maybe even found cause for the occasional display of Gilmore-ian grandstandery.

But let’s be honest, a secret weapon never hurt anyone either.

We found you one. It’s in your pocket...

Introducing iPing, a new app that physically attaches to a mount, which physically attaches to your putter—all in the name of the perfect swing, officially launching Monday.

Allow us to explain.

Think of this as the app equivalent of having a tiny golf coach that lives on the shaft of your putter. So come Monday, you’ll be able to find this thing on iTunes. First: download it. Then: order the mount (it’ll tell you where and how).

And when said mount arrives, it’s a simple matter of sliding your iPhone into it, attaching the whole thing to your putter and taking to the practice green (which may or may not be in your office). You’ll be prompted to take five swings, each of which will then be meticulously pored over based on criteria like stroke type, impact angle and tempo.

The technology behind this thing is super science-y (damn science again). But at the end of the day, all you need to concern yourself with is the fact that it will make you amazing.

That and it kind of just looks cool.

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