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BBQ Bologna and Peanut Shakes at Nats Park

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Today, we’re here to tell you about a New York invasion at the ballpark. No, for once we don’t mean a bunch of louts in Jeter jerseys crowing about 27 world championships (or even a bunch in Beltran jerseys crowing about two championships).

We’re just talking about tacos, pulled-pork BBQ and Belgian fries.

Specifically, Ballpark Food by Danny Meyer—four brand-new, very un-ballpark-like options from the New Yorker behind Shake Shack, opening tonight just in time for a nine-game home stand.

You’ll find these at the Scoreboard Walk, up one level in right-center field, which opens two-and-a-half hours before game time. And here’s how we see it going down:

Pre-Game: You secure one of the low couches in front of the live band, grab your first draft from the bar and head to Box Frites for a box of Garlic-Parmesan Frites with Smoked Bacon Aioli.

National Anthem: You’ll want to doff your cap at Blue Smoke as you order Kansas City Spareribs and an inspired concoction known as the Barbecued Beef Bologna Sandwich.

Third Inning: You nail the trivia question on the jumbotron. To celebrate, it’s time for carnitas tacos and corn on the cob brushed with mayo and cayenne from El Verano Taqueria.

Seventh-Inning Stretch: You’ve been holding out for this one: Shake Shack itself. Not only do you deserve the classic ShackBurger, but also the Honey-Roasted Peanut Frozen Custard Shake.

It’s the Jimmy Carter of shakes.

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