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A Pillow That DJs Your Dreams

UD - Sound Asleep Pillow Today we’d like to talk about your pillow.

Imagine it right now. Just resting under the duvet, waiting for your return.

Now, once you have that image in your head, try to remember whether or not it comes with a built-in speaker.

If the answer is both “No” and “But I’d like it to,” do read on...

Presenting the Sound Asleep Pillow, a pillow that lulls you to sleep on a cloud of music, available now online.

Think of this as the next best thing to throwing a pillowcase around a Bose iPod dock (which we’ve found to be uncomfortable).

First and foremost, it’s a pillow. Solid construction. Firm filling made of polyester fiber. Pillow-y shape.

But hidden within is a speaker that connects to any music device with a standard headphone jack. Which means as you lie back and get ready for your requisite eight hours of beauty rest, you’ll connect this right to your iPod and dance into the ether on a playlist of your choosing.

You can adjust the volume to your liking, so all that stands between you and a well-DJ’d soundtrack is deciding which artists you deem ideal for sleep.

You probably want to steer clear of Pantera.

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