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Burgers: on the brain right now. (Hey, anything to forget last night’s game.) And today we’ve got new intel. 5 Napkin Burger, the New York joint famous for bourbon, milkshakes and juicy patties, opens on Lincoln Road this Thursday. Herewith, the facts...

Burgers on the menu: 9
Ounces of fresh ground chuck contained in the namesake burger: 10
Napkins you’ll actually need to get through it: 3 (minimum)
Burgers best served to Olivia Wilde: 1 (the 5 Napkin Veggie Burger)
Price of the most expensive burger: $12.95 (the Ahi Tuna Burger)
Seats in the white-tiled, Edison-lightbulb-lit dining room: 125
Chance you’ll come here for a casual business lunch: 100%
Walls of windows looking out to Lincoln Road: 1
Bourbons you’ll choose from: 35
Bottles labeled “Pappy Van Winkle’s 25 Year”: 1
Varieties of beer on the menu: 80
Percentage of those on draft: 10
Beers on draft brewed in Tampa: 1 (Cigar City Ale)
Seats at the mahogany bar: 20
Meat hooks hanging above the dining room: 30
Percentage used in actual meat-packing place: 0
Closing time on weekends: 1am
Chance they’ll stay open until 5am, should they see a high demand for predawn burgers: strong to very strong
Midnight bourbon and burger feasts we see in your future: TBD


5 Napkin Burger
455 Lincoln Rd
Miami, FL, 33139


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