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Nob Hill’s Elite Blade-Sharpener

Those steaks you’re grilling this weekend: no joke.

We’re talking dry-aged, bone-in slabs from hand-massaged cows.

So the least you can do is make sure you dig into them with an appropriately intense piece of steel.

Here to help: Town Cutler, a new knife shop helmed by a master sharpener who is methodically angling, sharpening and buffing blades in Nob Hill as we speak.

Essentially, if you’ve got anything steel with an edge—including, but not limited to, chef’s knives, lawn mower blades, axes and guillotine blades (no questions asked)—owner/sharpener Galen can give it a microscopic edge in mere minutes.

You’ll just drop off your shiny tools at the shop (he can also arrange pickup and delivery, as well as loaners if you’re in a bind) and he’ll work on the blades until they’re as good as new. Roughly speaking, he’ll start with a 1,000-grit Japanese whetstone, then move to a 6,000-grit and then a 10,000-grit to polish the blade, and finish it off using a leather razor strop that’ll finesse the coveted microscopic edge (think of it as a knife day spa).

If you’re in the market for a new knife, behind a glass pulley display case on the wall he’s got a collection of top-of-the-line blades—some made of steel sturdy enough to propel jet engines.

A nice substitute for tossing your steak into a moving propeller...


Town Cutler
1005 Bush St
(at Jones)
San Francisco, CA, 94109

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