Secret Service

Top-Secret Dining in Wine Country

UD - Napa Valley Dinner Underground Wine in wine country: a sure thing.

You: never one to settle for just a sure thing.

With that in mind...

Introducing Napa Valley Dinner Underground, a clandestine new supper club hosting monthly dinners in and around Napa, taking reservations now.

The exact whereabouts of the dinner, the chef prepping the meal and the wines being poured aren’t revealed until your arrival. But you’re in good hands—specifically, the hands of Mark, the founder (we’re pretty sure it’s his actual name). He has spent the past 21 years honing his contacts in wine country so he can match you up with under-the-radar winemakers and chefs from local hot spots.

Here’s how it works: Mark and his team will email you with the designated gathering point. Once there, you’ll meet your chauffeur and ride to the precise spot. And yes, they can arrange transportation from the city.

While we can’t divulge the exact details of the next dinner, it’s fair to say that it’ll be in a rustic mountain setting (possibly Howell Mountain or the other side of Spring Mountain). Think along the lines of a country ranch house, where you’ll get to take advantage of the summer nights, paired with a five-course dinner by a vet from Per Se.

But we might’ve just said too much.


Napa Valley Dinner Underground

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