Social Presents

Buying a Gift with 10 Other People

UD - Social Gift We’ve seen into your future, and you’re getting someone a present. With a group.

For Father’s Day: you’re teaming up with your siblings. For your college buddy’s wedding: the groomsmen. For Dirk’s next clutch three-pointer: the rest of the Mavericks.

At which point, things may get... awkward.

Meet Social Gift, a website where you can team up with friends to buy one big wrapped gesture of kindness, online now.

This is an easy way to collect money from all your fellow givers without the awkwardness of chasing down anyone for cash. It works a bit like an online fund-raiser—there’s actually a “Gift-O-Meter” section that shows you how much money you’ve raised.

Let us lay it out for you. You’ll jump online and evaluate your options: outdoor patio furniture, an iPad, a 60-inch 3D TV. (Your pops has been wearing those 3D aviator glasses a lot.)

After you enter the ideal delivery date for your present, each potential contributor will get an email showing your selection on the aforementioned Gift-O-Meter page. Here, you’ll see how much money needs to be raised (and if your siblings chipped in). Then you’ll specify how much money you want to donate toward the gift: a specific amount or a percentage of the total amount due.

Unfortunately, they don’t sell summer shares.

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