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Beer and Oysters in Cleveland Park

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Your summer goal: finding a deserted island where you can live out your Blue Lagoon–related fantasies. (Preferably with a date.)

Until then, you can at least eat like Brooke and whatshisname did in the lagoon.

Introducing Tackle Box, a giant, new temple of fast-casual seafood, opening tonight in Cleveland Park.

Now, we’re sure you’ve been to the original in Georgetown. But here, you need to think bigger: like four times bigger, and this one’s outfitted like a dockside fish market—only with bars, oyster counters and massive communal picnic tables.

As such, you should be bringing a group (your regatta team’s a good place to start). Your first stop will be right in front of you—the oyster bar, where you’ll scan the chalkboard for the day’s offerings and order up your first dozen. Having given the shucker a proper head start, you’ll dive into pitchers of Land Shark beer and cocktails like the Starboard Punch (rum, vodka, housemade fruit punch).

Now’s not the time to go small, so you’ll want to look to the Wood-Grilled Maine Lobster and pots of king crab legs and littlenecks by the pound.

Of course, if you’d rather grab a box of clam strips (and, why not, a lobster) on your way to the boat, you can call ahead and they’ll bring it out to the curb for you.

Good thing you have a lobster rack on your roof.

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