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The morning: a time of possibility and potential.

The foundation for the rest of the day’s and night’s conquests.

So it’s important to kick things off right.

We’re thinking a brain-jolting boost of the good stuff sourced from the mountains of Medellín, Colombia, should do.

Yes, we’re talking about coffee...

Take a gander at Eternity Coffee Roasters, the city’s first serious java roasterie and lounge, opening Tuesday downtown.

A cup of coffee here will set you back exactly two minutes and 15 seconds. That’s the time it takes to properly brew each mug to order, using beans roasted on-site from one of the owner’s family farms in Colombia (think of it as the Shakira of coffee sources).

But there’s lots to look at while you’re waiting, from the giant San Francisco–designed roaster in the front (the only one in Florida) to the polished glass beakers that sit on the stainless steel counters in the back, where a barista will be fixing you a cup of the dark stuff using the “manual pour-over method” (pouring hot water slowly in concentric circles over ground coffee beans).

The result feels closer to sipping a fine wine than hitting up a canister of drip. And though the place is sparse, there’s plenty of free wi-fi and cushy benches to draw you in.

Think of it as a gallery for waking up.


Eternity Coffee Roasters
117 SE 2nd Ave
Miami, FL, 33131


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