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The Beer Garden on Eataly’s Roof

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Congratulations, Germany.

You had a good run with the whole beer garden and pretzel thing.

But the Italians have something new to show us.

And it’s waiting atop the summit of Mount Eataly.

Presenting Birreria, a colossal summer blockbuster of a brewery that’s residing on the roof of Batali’s Flatiron food bazaar, opening next Friday.

It took a lot of searching (and some serious marinara sauce jar condensing) to find space for an artisanal, old-world beer factory in Eataly. But eventually, a 4,500-square-foot cranny was uncovered on the roof.

To get up here, head toward kitchenwares and look for the iPad-armed host, and if any of the 150 outdoor seats are available, they’ll send you up to the 15th floor. At which point you’ll swear you’re in an office building—till you turn the corner and see the fully operational copper-cask beer engines.

As far as rooftop decks go, well, this one passes all of your strict requirements. Retractable dome: check. Blood sausages with grain mustard: check. Pints in the shadow of the Empire State Building: check.

And when it comes to those pints, you’ll want to limit your imbibing to one of the three hand-pulled, house-crafted ales. They’re made 30 feet away, they’re brewed with indigenous Italian ingredients, and they’re all named after The Boot’s most famous females.

When they release Bellucci, you’re bringing a growler.


200 5th Ave
(entrance on 23rd St)
New York, NY, 10010


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