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A Texas-y New Spot to Hang Your Hat

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Next week, you’ll leave it all on the field.

The mergers will be merging. The yes-men will be yessing. You’ll even spend a little time in the office.

But then, it’ll be time to pump the brakes a bit.

You know, pat a puppy on the head. Eat a Zagnut. Just... relax.

Preferably, with a bunch of beer.

To facilitate: the Big Tex Cantina, your new HQ for heated pool table battles and Frito-crusted tacos from the guys behind Fox Brothers BBQ, soft-opening next Friday in Decatur.

This is where you’ll go when your agenda consists of... well, nothing. And that’s the beauty of it, really. There’s the ragtag bounty of Texas-y paraphernalia dotting the walls (the bull’s-horns-to-human ratio is absurd). The saloon-style stained glass lights. The 60 beers and Watermelon Margaritas.

If you’re on a solo mission, grab something cold and domestic to go with your Texas-Style Poutine and let the Brothers Fox weave a tale or two for you at the bar. But if you brought a few buddies along, you’ll want to hit the main dining room or those church pews behind the bar to commune over Frito-Crusted Catfish Tacos and enchiladas smothered in chili gravy and fried eggs.

Or you could just do all of the above while you shoot some stick back in the semi-hidden game room.

Which, surprisingly, is not Frito-crusted.


Big Tex Cantina
308 W Ponce De Leon Ave
Decatur, GA, 30030


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