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The Remote-Controlled Cooler of Your Dreams

We're big fans of the fridge, don't get us wrong. But sometimes we wish our next chilled beverage would come to us.

Well, our wishes have been answered with the Radio-Controlled Cooler, a breakthrough technology designed to eliminate those arduous, unnecessary trips to the fridge.

The R2D2-like gadget is exactly what it sounds like: a remote-controlled cooler on wheels, officially putting an end to the days when you had to stand up and walk over to the fridge. Just drop six beers into the cooler—maybe even some ice, if you're thinking long-term—and settle into your most immobilizing piece of furniture. When you run short on libation, reach for your remote control and steer the cooler in your direction.

Of course, while the pictures may suggest beer, the real limit is only your imagination. The cart could be an office courier, an uncomfortable liaison to the delivery guy or even a mobile champagne cart for bed-bound mimosas. As for that robot-cooler polo league, we'd advise against it.

Otherwise, the possibilities are long as it doesn't venture more than thirty feet away.

At that point, you're gonna need a bigger boat...


Radio-Controlled Cooler

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