A Wake-Up Call on Your Cell Phone

UD - Better Buzzer The art of sleeping. You’re something of a master.

The pillow placement. The optimal napping temperature. The cashmere pajamas. With footies.

Unfortunately, this makes the rise from your slumber a little difficult.

Until today.

Introducing Better Buzzer, an online wake-up service that won’t stop calling until you’re up, available now.

This is like a very persistent hotel wake-up call, but on your cell phone.

So say it’s Wednesday night, and in the past 24 hours, you switched time zones twice and met both Burt Reynolds and Joe Dumars. Oh, and you retrieved a litter of kittens from a tree. You’re a little tired.

But as you jump into bed, you remember you’re just three hours away from your annual one-on-one with Warren Buffett. In short, you need a fail-proof alarm.

That’s when you’ll hop on this site. Enter your name, email and phone number, and the exact words you want them to say when they call in the morning. (We’re thinking: “Always be closing.”) Then, after a quick confirmation text, you’re set for a deep slumber.

Come morning, you’ll wake up to the not-so-gentle sounds of your ringtone. And if you send it to voicemail, they’ll call again. And again. And again... until you pick up, hear the message and press 1.

Just make sure you don’t leave your phone on vibrate.

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