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As you may have heard, downtown’s lunching landscape was rocked yesterday by the opening of Shake Shack, the greasy burger import from Manhattan. The kind of place where New Yorkers (of all people) wait in line for an hour. We braved a little rain and a lotta line to bring you the hard data you’ve been craving.

Number of burgers on the menu: 5
Number best served at a Phish show: 1 (the ’Shroom Burger)
Most expensive burger: $8.75
Average number of crinkles per french fry: 12
Varieties of shake on the “custard calendar”: 7 (We look forward to Thin Mint on Saturdays.)
Beers on draft: 3
Custom-brewed beers on draft: 1 (ShackMeister Ale by Brooklyn Brewery)
Half bottles of good red wine you can order, should you run into an old flame at the counter: 2
Number of TVs tuned to Wolf Blitzer: 3
Tables crafted from a reclaimed Ohio bowling alley: 18
Gutters on said tables: 0
Chairs painted “Air Force One Blue”: 20
Vanilla custard/fruit/whipped cream shakes that we bet Rep. Kevin McCarthy didn’t know were named for him: 1 (namely, the Majority Whip)
Closing time on weekends (at least two hours too early, by our estimation): 12 midnight

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