Rye of the Tiger

Like a Jewish Deli on Wheels

UD - Sixth & Rye Diversification is sometimes unwelcome. Think Trump’s fleeting political career or Gwyneth Paltrow’s singing career.

Other times, it’s just the thing you never knew you needed. Like a place of worship that first hosts Chris Cornell in concert, and now plans to roll out giant corned beef sandwiches for you at lunch.

The rumors are true: the Sixth & Rye food truck begins rolling (well, parking at least, at the Sixth & I Synagogue) on Friday.

Now, you might guess there’d be a lot of forces joining together to pull off something like this. There are. Among them: the temple itself, where you’ve no doubt taken in a rock show or two; “Top Chef” Spike Mendelsohn; and the gents behind the Eat Wonky truck, whose four wheels this kosher truck will commandeer on its Friday journeys.

Oh, there is one other person of note: that would be the Baltimore rabbi who certifies that all your smoked brisket, homemade hot mustard, Yukon gold potato chips and dill pickles are good and kosher.

And once you track down your sandwich, you can keep the feast, so to speak, by grabbing a loaf of challah and a black and white cookie for home.

Your dessert never lacks racial harmony.

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