Hawker Fare

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Channeling Bangkok Street Food in Oakland

These days, street food comes to you.

Trucks and carts have a way of facilitating that sort of thing.

But you’ve never been one to shy away from hopping a plane for a craving.

Or crossing a bridge...

Introducing Hawker Fare, a low-key eatery modeled after the open-air markets you’d find in Singapore and Bangkok, bringing rice bowls and fried chicken wings to downtown Oakland, opening for lunch tomorrow.

Unlike the more formal Commis, this is a T-shirt and jeans spot—a laid-back Asian loft for hearty rice bowls and... Olde English. Yes, that Olde English.

And since chefs from Manresa and Momofuku are in the kitchen, you know that the caliber of your meat-and-rice meals will match the quality of the old-school hip-hop on the speakers and the row of kung fu posters lining the far wall.

Come with a group and take over one of the three black-stained communal tables in the center of the open, industrial space. From there, go with their take on a Thai sausage bowl or the pork belly.

Then, in the spirit of all things Asia (once they get their beer/wine license), you’ll be able to order beer from Vietnam, Thailand, Tibet or Korea.

In addition to the aforementioned malt liquor from the good ol’ US of A...


Hawker Fare
2300 Webster St
(near 23rd)
Oakland, CA, 94612

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