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Summer's almost upon us, which means Summer Fridays are drawing near. Now all you need is a place to spend your newly acquired three o'clock happy hour.

Preferably somewhere with a view. And maybe a greenhouse.

Welcome to Highbar, your new Summer Friday-approved rooftop lounge, opening tomorrow in Midtown. Highbar opens at 5pm most days, but in honor of the season they're giving you a three-hour head start on Fridays. So we thought we would give you the official game plan.

First, buy some champagne for the communal table—built with an ice-filled bottle trough in the middle to inspire sharing and mingling—so you can get friendly with the lovely ladies to your left, and grab a burger from the grill to wash down all that champagne (the perfect pairing). Then stretch out with your new friends on one of the unreserved cabanas (the real reason to get in early) and try to hold it long enough to watch the sun set over the Hudson.

If you're still going strong when the upstairs reaches the 2am last call, just mosey downstairs for another two hours with the same cocktails and the same view, this time through wall-to-wall windows.

After all, you can't spend all day outside.


251 48th St
(between Broadway and 8th Ave)
Sunset Park
New York, NY,


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