Breakfast Fried Rice

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Introducing Breakfast Fried Rice at the Family Dog

UD - Breakfast Fried Rice Even in a city with a virtually limitless array of dining options, some dishes are way too good to miss—they demand immediate consumption. Our feature “Served Up” gives you the lowdown on a standout dish in the city. Dig in.

Before we begin—a moment of silence.


That was nice.

But in case you’re wondering what just happened there, you were meditating.

And in case you’re wondering why you were meditating, it’s because you’re about to eat this thing...

Behold the damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t powers of Breakfast Fried Rice, a brunchy new concoction that may or may not involve the flagrant use of Corn Pops, available weekends at the Family Dog.

Think of this as the brunch equivalent of taking two defibrillation paddles to the chest. So this weekend, somewhere between chasing down alfresco fishbowls and showing up to Arthur Blank’s pool party wearing nothing but a tool belt full of oyster shooters and a Falcons helmet... you’ll want to head to Morningside and find a seat on the patio.

Grab a Bloody. Get your bearings. And soon enough, your resuscitation will arrive looking a lot like this: a heaping amassment of Carolina Plantation rice, house-cured and smoked Berkshire ham, sweet peppers, soy, sweet chili sauce and scrambled eggs. All of which is then topped off with a soft-poached egg and laced with a generous smattering of Corn Pops.

Which is convenient, since you never smatter without Corn Pops.


Breakfast Fried Rice
available at The Family Dog
1402 N Highland Ave
Atlanta, GA, 30306

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