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Introducing the White Russian Marshmallow

UD - White Russian Marshmallows For years, they said it was impossible.

They said that attempting such a thing was crazy, even dangerous—that the cocktail-flavored marshmallow was simply beyond humankind’s reach.

They were wrong.

Introducing White Russian Marshmallows, a fluffy concoction of Kahlúa, Irish Cream and cane sugar, available now.

This isn’t some flavor recreation: all the ingredients here are straight from the cocktail. The only difference is that at the moment when you’d normally mix in the vodka, the fine folks at Sugar Poofs (we know) add a half-formed marshmallow—giving it just enough time to fuse into the glorious creation you see in the picture. The result has slightly less kick than tiramisu, but if you’re enjoying one in a White Russian, that shouldn’t be a problem.

It’s also new—so new that the chefs are still a month away from having their own packaging—but if you don’t mind the brown-paper version, they’ll send it to you now. Also of note: the marshmallows are shaped into squares, so they’ll fit perfectly between graham crackers if you want to try them in s’mores.

We hear it’s what the Dude takes camping.


White Russian Marshmallows
via Sugar Poofs

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