El Centro DF

Cellar Dweller

An Underground Lair of 200 Tequilas

Today, in the spirit of Cinco de Mayo, we’re here not just to intrigue you, but to overwhelm you.

To take you to a place where you won’t know where to begin (and certainly not where to end).

In other words, we’re here to discuss tequila. A lot of it. Which tends to happen when it comes to tequila...

Welcome to The Tequileria at El Centro D.F., opening tonight to put a veritable library of the world’s top tequilas and mezcals (okay, mostly just Mexico’s) at your disposal.

Now, just so you know, this place also consists of a ground-floor taqueria and two separate rooftop bars. But being that tequila is best consumed in the shadows, you’ll want to head downstairs to this moody realm, a Mexican speakeasy marked by concrete floors, Mayan masks and dark wood.

You’ll settle in at one of the high-top tables (your stools are made from barrels) and mull over which of the plates (like adobo-marinated pork belly tacos and Beef Barbacoa Enchiladas) you’d like to dive into.

Meanwhile, you’ll have your go at the list of 200+ tequilas and mezcals, some available nowhere else in the city. If your spirit requires a bit more dressing up, you can opt for a margarita, made with nothing more than fresh lime and agave syrup.

Or you can grab a concoction of tequila, basil, mint and fresh berries known as the Tequila Smash.

Last seen when you played badminton in Puerto Vallarta.

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