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A Behemoth Shrine of Italian... Everything

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Close your eyes.

No, wait, keep them open, actually. We want you to see this.

Originally, we had this bright idea of having you close your eyes and imagining yourself back in Naples.

At the kind of place where fat brunellos and soppressata pies come before God and country.

But then we remembered that Double Zero opens Tuesday night—so you can just see it then.

And to that end, what you’re dealing with here is a colossal (no, seriously, it’s huge) Neapolitan restaurant/bar/café masterminded by the tireless foodsmiths behind the Iberian Pig and Sugo. Only this time, they brought two 1,000-degree pizza ovens with them.

There’s a lot going on here, but you’ll need to start somewhere. First, open the door. Second, try to keep up with the impossibly monumental landscape before you. Third... well, this is where it gets tricky. There’s a bar to your left, which is as good a place as any to ponder over grilled octopus antipasti and cured meats in the presence of over 100 Italian wines (including four stunners on tap).

Then there’s the other bar. The one that’s all but sitting on top of those 1,000-degree ovens, where you and your date will find yourselves swirling Barrel Aged Negronis while watching the chef churn out braised goat and margherita pies. Of course, there’s always the massive communal tables, the impossible-to-find large-format Italian beers, the...

Well, you’ll see...

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