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An Umbrella for Rain or Shine

UD - Fanbrella Last few days: a nice run of stellar spring weather.

Today: oscillating between overcast and sunny.

So you’re probably thinking of two things right now: umbrellas, and what to bring to your first beach outing of the season.

We have just the thing...

Behold: the Fanbrella, an umbrella to serve your anti-rain as well as your anti-sweat needs, available online now.

Here’s how we picture this being born: a team of brainy scientists in shimmering white lab coats standing in a circle, pondering the classic form of the umbrella canopy and wondering if they could stick a battery-operated fan under there (turns out, they could).

So on days like today, when the threat of rain is very real, it’s got you covered (see: how umbrellas work).

But say it’s really hot out, and you’re thinking of spending the day drinking your signature margaritas on the South Shore (so, July).

You’ll bring this with you, turn it on and hand it to your manservant to hold over you as a collapsible fan chops the air for five and a half consecutive hours at a brisk 650 rpm (or just stick it in the sand).

It’ll even block out 98.6% of harmful UV rays while cooling you down.

Yes, you can also make the Darth Vader voice with the fan.

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