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Teaching Your Mom to Use the Internet

UD - Internet Buttons Today, we’d like to talk about your mom.

Sorry. Let’s try that again.

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, so today is as good a day as any to talk about the most important woman in your life.

You should get her something. Flowers. Jewelry. A computer that doesn’t look like it came from a ’70s Bond movie.

Of course, then you’d have to teach her how to use the Internet...

Enter the mom-friendly Internet Buttons—a new website that lets you create a bunch of oversized “buttons” to help those less tech-savvy individuals in your life navigate the Web, online now.

To be clear, we’re not necessarily implying that your mom doesn’t know her way around a computer (note: we’re totally implying that), but let’s just say she may or may not be the speediest Web jockey on the circuit. So this thing basically allows you to create a totally personalized URL from scratch, complete with all of her favorite sites that only she has the addresses and passwords to.

Once you figure out which sites she visits the most—email, news, embroidery library— you’ll hop online and begin the guided process (don’t worry, it’s super easy) of converting her favorite sites into oversized, individually labeled squares.

When you’re done customizing the page, just send her the link and password and she’ll basically be face-to-face with the Internet equivalent of a third-grade spelling test.

Don’t tell your mom we said that.

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