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Dining on Top of a Movie Theater

Dinner and a movie: solid.

Dinner on top of a movie theater’s marquee: now we’re getting somewhere...

Meet Marquee Grill, a new cocktail bar and white-tableclothed dinner spot sitting on top of the Highland Park Village Theatre, now open.

If you’ve ever looked at the top of a movie theater and thought, “I would love to eat some bacon-wrapped trout on top of that”—or hell, even if you haven’t—then this is your place. You’ll pull up to the 75-year-old marquee, duck the main theater door and enter past the front patio (to avoid the paparazzi, of course). Inside, you’ll find a two-level temple of dining blanketed in retro-style black-and-white carpet.

Head upstairs to the handsome bar, all dark wooden walls and brown leather chairs. If you’re here for a pre–Lincoln Lawyer cocktail—say, a Trial Margarita (Texas honey and tequila)—you might like to know there’s a private theater entrance in the corner. But if you’re here on a date, you’ll want to go outside—there’s a small, red-tiled balcony perched on the marquee overlooking Highland Park.

Here you’ll cut into Bourbon Maple Glazed Lamb and sip Beretta Sours. Then casually slide into the theater before the opening scene.

It’s BYO red carpet.


Marquee Grill
32 Highland Park Village
Dallas, TX, 75205

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