Cement Mixer

Your Whiskey, Now Served in Concrete

UD - City Rain Concrete Glass Your basic needs: Food. Water. Shelter.

And maybe some type of personal watercraft.

Your basic non-needs: Designer jeans. Ronnie Milsap’s greatest hits. And... glassware.

Although you’ll make an exception for really cool glassware.

Take, for instance, the City Rain Concrete Glass—a random hit of gloriously unnecessary je ne sais quoi for your next dinner party, loft-warming soiree or afternoon picnic with a very brunette, very appreciative industrial designer, available now online.

It’s the little things, really.

And if Frank Lloyd Wright happened to be in the glassmaking business, we have a hunch you would’ve seen something like this a long time ago. What you’re basically dealing with here is an über-modernized beverage containment unit dreamed up by a group of designers who thought your whiskey should, at the very least, be resting on top of a handcrafted concrete mold (always with the concrete molds).

If anything, this is best filed under the category of functional conversation piece. So the next time you decide to bless your dining room congregation with a homespun offering of braised rabbit and ricotta cavatelli (you dabble), you’ll whip these out. And if, in the process, you happen to receive a showering of adulation in regard to your discerning eye and taste for the understated exotic, just go with it.

And if not, there’s always your Velvet Elvis collection.

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