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A Bar Full of Boozy Ice Cream

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The Texas heat... it’s coming.

Pretty soon, your 10-yard walk from car to office will feel like a sweaty, scorching death march.

But you can fight it. With two of the most obvious weapons around: ice cream and champagne.

Enter the Gourmet Ice Cream Bar, a temple of soft-serve ice cream and booze concoctions, now open at Chocolate Secrets.

So imagine it’s one of those wretched days when your air conditioner needs an air conditioner. You’ll slide into this place—tucked away in the corner is a marble countertop with two lab-coat-clad mad scientists. They’ll be whipping up one of four creamy libations to keep your body temp at a cool 98.6 degrees. In no particular order...  
  • The Beer Float: three apricot ale sorbet scoops drowning in a Pyramid Apricot Ale—this could be the summer of the apricot.
  • Wine Ice Shots: three shot glasses of homemade sorbet (vanilla, chocolate, raspberry) bathing in a pool of apple ice wine—incidentally, your favorite way to cool off. 
  • The Champagne Float: a bubbly merging of mango-bourbon ice cream and a mini bottle of champagne. Nothing connects bubbly and mangoes like bourbon. 
  • The Port Sundae: a huge glass packed with three vanilla scoops, a cinnamon crumble, whipped cream, a sugar stick and one chocolate-covered cherry—all soaked in a port shot.
Bring mittens.


Gourmet Ice Cream Bar
at Chocolate Secrets
3926 Oak Lawn Ave
Dallas, TX, 75219


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