Who’s the Boss

Shredding Your Boss to Pieces

If The Office has taught you anything, it’s that there are some bosses who lack a degree of self-awareness.

Sure, the schmaltzy jokes, the dim-witted “unity” games and the occasional off-color remarks are tolerable, but there are some bosses who just need to be told what’s up.

Without knowing it’s you doing the telling.

Which brings us to Tell On the Boss, a new website that’s basically like Yelp for anonymously reviewing bosses, online now.

Now, a small admission: the site is a bit lackluster. But the focus here isn’t on making friends in a LinkedIn kind of way. Rather, it’s on the ability to criticize your boss without him/her knowing.

To start, you’ll create an account for your superior (it can be of any rank, not just CEO), upload their picture (go for the one from the company picnic), enter their name and unleash your fury on them.

The reviews can range from minor quibbles (didn’t get Patriots’ Day off) to the kind of throw-them-under-the-bus accusations usually reserved for tell-all books (and which usually result in a firing).

Of course, it doesn’t have to be all bile and venom. Users can also post glowing character assessments about a boss.

Which is the only way you might end up on there.

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