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Converting Your MP3s to Vinyl

UD - VinylLove We’ve seen your digital music collection. Actually, more accurately, we’ve seen the spare bedroom where you keep all the servers that hold it.

In any case, well done.

Yet for all the majesty that those ones and zeroes hold, there are still those times you prefer to peruse a dusty pile of secondhand platters (by which we mean records).

Helping you do just that: VinylLove, a new iPad app designed to capture all that is great and good about throwing a 33⅓ on the turntable (albeit with fewer dust mites), now available.

You’ve seen the hardware that converts your albums to MP3s. Consider this app the opposite of that.

Once you download the software, your entire music library will appear as individual LPs—fittingly organized in virtual milk crates. When you select an album to play (taking care not to confuse your Captain Beefheart with your Captain & Tennille), a turntable will appear and it will play the album in the original order, although you can pick up the needle and drop it, old-school, wherever you like.

Of course, it wouldn’t be vinyl without that warm sound and even some snaps, pops and hisses, so they’ve taken the liberty to add those in.

You’ve always wondered what Bieber would have sounded like in 1974.

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