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Your Life: Now with Theme Music

UD - SoundTracking This weekend you were with important people. You did important things. You made important contributions to the cutting-edge field of booty shaking.

Sadly, a camera phone wasn’t sufficient to capture such towering achievements.

Now there’s help: SoundTracking, a new iPhone app designed to help you put a musical notation on the most important moments in your life, now available.

The thought behind it is simple enough: certain songs always remind you of a particular time and place in your life. This app puts them on a map just like an audio thumbtack.

So say you were at Big Star this weekend with a group of friends knocking back whiskey and pork belly tacos. Good times. The song overhead: Hank Williams’s “Honky Tonk Blues.” Call up the song on SoundTracking, take a group picture, and magically the two will be posted to the social networking site of your choice, along with your precise location.

It works retroactively, too, so you can create your long overdue audio autobiography. You can’t pass Grant Park without thinking of Daft Punk performing “Robot Rock” at Lolla in ’07. When you hear “Empire State of Mind”: you, Jay-Z and Beyoncé drinking champagne in a limo in Brooklyn. When you hear “S&M,” you remember the time you and Rihanna...

Well, just leave that one off the map for now.

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