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French Dates and Power Steaks Downtown

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Tax Day.

You made it.

The envelope is postmarked, receipts shoeboxed and accountants suitably gifted (23-year-old whiskey goes a long way with the number crunchers).

Now it’s time to celebrate. Our suggestion: dinner with a frisky escargot-lover in a friskier new bistro downtown...

And we know just the place: Lou Lou, a handsome newcomer brimming with crystal chandeliers, butter-soaked snails and French wine, now open in Brickell.

This is really a power lunch hub masquerading as a sexy date spot. That’s because it’s got all the trappings of a comfortable powwow: hefty slabs of rib eye, plenty of room to spread out, music set to a conversation-friendly volume and convenient proximity to all those skyscrapers downtown. And yet it’s still a good neighborhood date spot, perfect for those nights when you want to get to know your date over intimate conversation and bottles of French red.

The inside’s split into a formal dining room on the left and a large bar area on the right, but you’ll want to stick to the tables by the massive windows in front. (Rib eye deserves a view.) The scruffy brasserie used to house Indochine, but the owners have traded in the spicy tuna rolls for traditional bistro dishes like Moule Frites, pan-seared duck breast and slow-cooked lamb.

You never rush lamb.

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