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Beer and Billiards in Malibu

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You don’t need a lot from a neighborhood rock-and-roll watering hole.

Actually, no—you do. You do need a lot.

Such as: rock and roll. Mac and cheese. A pool table. And maybe a photo booth that used to be a ’66 Beetle.

Which brings us to the newly reborn Malibu Inn, a historic palace of power chords and popcorn shrimp, returning tomorrow night to reinstate your wild Malibu Pier nights.

Stepping in from the expanse of blue skies outside, it’s a little jarring—almost like you’ve been dumped in a blender along with every rock video since 1982. You’ll see graffiti on the walls. You’ll smell that inimitable commingling of pool chalk and spilled Sierra Nevada. And you’ll stand before a stage once torn up by Kid Rock. (If you want more history, Clapton’s played here too, and Neil Young used to own the place.)

Your best move: hole up inside for post-sunset beers after a long day at the beach (they’ve got them in pints or 64-ounce growlers). Or come early and hit the patio at lunchtime for grilled swordfish or Smoked Pork Ribs with Smack and Cheese.

We’re assured the smack is hyperbolic.


Malibu Inn
22969 Pacific Coast Hwy
Malibu, CA, 90265


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