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Turning Your Car into a Zipcar

UD - Getaround Today, we want to talk about your car.

It’s an object of beauty, a miracle of engineering and—as countless state troopers can attest—it goes more than a little fast.

So it seems downright selfish to keep it all to yourself...

Introducing Getaround, a new site that lets you rent out your car to anyone you deem worthy, now online.

It’s a simple plan: you’ll let Getaround know when you won’t be using your car (for instance, your upcoming weekend bicycle trip with Sofía Vergara). And they’ll let you set an hourly, daily and weekly rate for the privilege of driving it.

Then, once your taste in amphibious convertibles attracts some prospective renters, you’ll approve each one before they hit the road. Getaround checks out each member to see if they have a history of reckless driving—which may make things difficult if you want to lend your ride to your old friend Robbie Knievel.

And if, after you’ve finished catamaraning, you feel the urge to take a drive down the coast in something slightly faster and more convertible than your usual carriage, you’ll have your pick from over a thousand cars, including a Tesla Roadster.

Unfortunately, hovercraft owners seem to be the selfish type.

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