Sharp Shooter

Target Practice and Custom Tailoring

UD - Rifle Quality It still remains to be seen whether or not looks can in fact kill.

So until you know definitively one way or the other, we advise that you stay dressed to the nines.

And, when possible, armed to the teeth.

Introducing Rifle Quality, a one-man bespoking army that’s holding custom suit consultations at an active shooting range, now taking appointments.

Not since your undercover days hustling microfiche across the West German border can you recall a business meeting that required rifles. But if there’s ever an occasion to stretch out the old trigger finger, it’s in the service of handmade herringbone suits.

To begin, you’ll send an email over to Rifle Quality and schedule an appointment with the owner, a longtime Duncan Quinn suit maestro. When you finally get together, you’ll have the option of meeting in the heavily guarded basement/gun range of a private Italian restaurant in the West Village.

Before any sartorial matters are breached, you’ll squeeze off a few rounds and mark up a target or three. And then the tailoring begins...

From fabric selection (he’ll stock Dormeuil and all the usual suspects) to cut (anything from Boardwalk Empire to Gordon Gekko), you’ll work over every tape-measured inch of your new suit-to-be. And before things are sent off to Martin Greenfield for the handcrafted, NY-made treatment, you’ll be free to add a personalized touch.

The Kevlar pocket square is always a smart choice.

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