Duck N’ Donuts

Served Up

Donuts and Foie Gras at 4th & Swift

UD - Duck N’ Donuts You’ve been known to stir a pot or two.

Showing up to the boardroom wearing a suit of armor and a jetpack. Singing the national anthem before every meal. Naming your dog Seth.

Which is fine.

But for now, let’s just focus on your eating habits...

Or at least a certain Frankenstein-ian foodstuff that may pique your interest. Behold the glorious and inevitable union of Duck N’ Donuts, now available on the dessert menu at 4th & Swift.

This is basically what would happen if you put Jean-Georges and Precinct 6’s finest in a kitchen and told them to make things. But since that may or may not happen anytime soon, you’ll be happy to hear that the pastry chef at 4th & Swift has this one well under control. The end result: a quenelle of foie gras ice cream perched on top of caramelized apples and honey foam, served alongside Chef Umberger’s housemade sugar donuts. And yes, we just used the word “quenelle.”

The whole process involves soy proteins, xanthan gum and spinning a crème anglaise into ice cream (you know, science). But all you need to be concerned with is showing up with a date and patiently biding your time over bottles of tempranillo and cured meats while you wait for the main event.

Also, dessert.


Duck N’ Donuts
available at 4th & Swift
621 North Ave NE
Atlanta, GA, 30308

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