Dining in a Geodesic Dome

UD - Sensorium Let’s set the stage.

You’re in a giant sphere. Trippy music plays. Strobe lights flash while masked waiters serve you salmon atop steaming dry ice.

You’ve either gone back in time to a really creative party at the Warhol Factory (hopefully you’re sitting next to Edie Sedgwick). Or, more likely, you’re at the Sensorium, an artistically minded pop-up supper club, now reserving for a six-week run beginning April 12.

This is the other reason to journey to the riverfront in early April. You’ll approach the grassy expanses of Yards Park, and you’ll see something that looks a little like Epcot Center. That’s your destination.

Inside, you’ll be handed a glass of wine as a DJ spins music written specifically for the venue and you mingle with your 30-or-so fellow diners.

Pretty soon, the lights will dim. Custom-designed LED lights will flash around you. And your hosts-cum-performance troupe will welcome you as the chef (he of the Artisa Kitchen underground supper clubs) rolls out the first course. It might involve Pop Rocks or mimosas encased in gelatin (you love a good Jell-O-sa).

And so it will go for the next 12 courses (and their wines): some may be served in black boxes; some may sit atop dry ice. But all will be accompanied by skits, illusions or even a bit of cabaret singing.

Just be wary of the mushrooms.


East Lawn at Yards Park
4th St SE
(near Tingey)
Washington, DC, 20003

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