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Red Wine, Pizza and Cinema on Melrose

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When you think of Italy, you think great wine. Fresh pasta.

And overhead, a giant flying dog carrying a young hero named Atreyu.

Okay, maybe not that last one. But you might, soon enough.

Welcome to Tirovino, a new Italian restaurant and wine bar using some unexpected ’80s cinema to help get you in the mood, now open on Melrose.

At first, things seem to be fairly... standard-issue Italian. It’s a nice-looking little enclave with low-lit tables under brick, sconces and some ancient book pages pasted onto the ceiling and walls. There’s pasta. There’s pizza. There’s wine. It’s got all the makings of a quality date spot. Which is good, since you did show up with a date.

And it’s not that you’re wrong. But once you’re settled in with your merlot-syrah-sangiovese blend and some shareable plates of Marinated Octopus, you’ll notice a few unexpected details that remind you you’re on Melrose. Like some surprisingly peppy Top 40 music. And a projection wall on the front patio that will be screening Italian films and other “classic” movies like The NeverEnding Story.

No word on Just One of the Guys.

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