Khan’s Bar & Grill

Wrath of Khan

Stir-Fry and a Dozen Drafts on H

You’ve got nothing against elaborate feasts that take all day to prepare.

But it’s Monday, for crying out loud. You’ll settle for some meat, quick-seared before your eyes.

So say hello to Khan’s Bar & Grill, a new haven of Mongolian stir-fry, beer and whiskey, now open on H Street.

Think of this as two places in one—a fast-casual, fry-before-your-eyes emporium of meats and veggies up front, and a bar in back that takes its pours (and sports) plenty seriously.

As you stroll in, the menu is all right in front of you—an array of vegetables, sauces and spicy potions that you’ll collect and take to the huge circular griddle, where up to four cooks fry it up (along with steak, chicken or shrimp) with sword-like implements.

After grabbing your bounty and giving the overhead gong a celebratory bang, you’ll head back to the steel-and-stone bar, where you’ll be surrounded by flat-screens. Also: booze of all stripes.

You’ll want to start with a small-batch white whiskey like Death’s Door, or maybe a rye that they age themselves in tiny casks behind the bar, before moving on to their creative draft selections like Asahi or Kona Fire Rock from Hawaii.

Also, expect them to roll out a late-night menu of pan-Asian small plates once the grill closes down, and a 110-seat sidewalk patio that will be open before summer.

Yes, you can hear the gong out there.


Khan’s Bar & Grill
1125 H St NE
Washington, DC, 20002

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