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Finding That Brunette from the Elevator

UD - StreetMatching It happened just yesterday.

You were on the elevator. Coffee in one hand. A crisp paper in the other. That Rebecca Black song stuck in your head.

Then, you noticed a certain brunette passing glances your way. Just as you were about to act, suddenly, the elevator opens. In walk the partners. And out the elevator she goes... forever.

But that was yesterday.

So today we introduce StreetMatching, a website that puts you in touch with missed connections the world over, online now.

Now back to the elevator. After realizing “Friday” got in the way of yet another potential date, you’ll want to head to this site, which is a bit like Craigslist minus the skeeze. (And way more cartoon hearts. You’ve been warned.)

You’ll create an account and upload a picture, then you’ll post exactly where you met her (well, almost met her). Include the date, time and address, or click the exact location on their map. (You can never be too sure.)

If she felt a spark (and we know she did), she’ll post where she saw her “crush”—aka you. And then the site will send you an alert that someone’s claiming a match. After you check her photo and confirm it’s her, the site will send a message introducing both of you.

And then it’s on to phase two: operation helicopter date.

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