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BBQ Sandwiches from a Pickup Truck

UD - Carnivore BBQ Truck You’ve got a lot going for you right now.

Yesterday: plenty of beer and corned beef. All weekend: wall-to-wall basketball, coupled with burgers and wings.

Come Monday, you’re going to want to keep your meat-related win streak going.

Enter a new food truck aimed at meat-and-smoke purists: the Carnivore BBQ Truck, rolling now.

Now, we know: you’ve seen plenty of food trucks lately. Even some barbecue trucks. But this one has a pedigree. Originally hand-built in Florida by a near-paralyzed Vietnam vet, the locomotive-shaped smoker they use (“Old Smoky”) has been a fixture at BBQ battles and local farmers’ markets (you prefer your smokers be museum-quality).

But when you need a lunchtime fix of ’cue and you search for it via Twitter, you’ll be looking not for a locomotive, but a Chevy pickup truck emblazoned with flame graphics and a snarling tiger logo (it’s the BBQ truck Charlie Sheen would create for himself).

Your choices: just two massive, half-pound sandwiches. The brisket sandwich is brined, while the pulled pork is dry-rubbed, and both local meats get smoked over hardwood for almost a full day. You’ll also get to take your pick of vinegary slaw and/or Memphis-style sauce.

And if you’d like to feast your eyes on Old Smoky, you can still find it at markets in Bethesda, Kensington and Beltsville.

Just don’t forget your bib.

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