The Rise of the Machine

Introducing the World’s Most Powerful Drink Cart

UD - WROMP Paintball Robot The wait is over. Starting this week, you’ll be reveling in one of the most highly anticipated sporting events of the year.

We’re talking, of course, about robotic paintball.

Introducing the WROMP Paintball Robot, a remote-controlled tank equipped with a spectacularly efficient paintball gun, raising funds on Kickstarter now.

This is not a joke. Okay, maybe a little. But mostly it’s a steel-plated mini tank with an automated paintball rifle welded to the top. (Yes, we know: finally.) It’s the brainchild of an industrial designer from Colorado with a passion for robotics and, we assume, a dangerous surplus of spare time.

He’s run through three models so far—including one with enough power to tow a Humvee—but he’s finally perfected his designs into a single two-foot-tall beast, with a wireless camera, a fully aimable paintball turret and tank treads strong enough to climb a flight of stairs. (The jetpack was over the top, even by his standards.)

All he needs is enough money to build the thing—and if you help him out, he’ll pass along the plans and a spare set of parts so you can make one of your own. So the next time you’re in urgent need of a remote-controlled ringer for your next paint-related team-building exercise—or just an extremely well-guarded drink cart—you’ll be all set.

The next step: teaching it to play basketball.

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