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Ceviche and Fishing Nets in Brickell

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There are good decisions and there are bad decisions.

Doing a tell-all interview with your goddesses while chain-smoking and drinking: bad.

Kicking off the weekend with a dozen different ceviches and glasses of sangria on a breezy downtown patio: good.

Let’s be good today...

Introducing Kosta, your new spot for enjoying all the fruits of the sea (and a few fruits of the vine), now open a block from Mary Brickell Village.

This is a haven for seafood lovers, plain and simple, and you’ve got two options upon entrance. A table on the outdoor patio is where you’ll go for business lunches or a breezy midday ceviche sampler. Then, at night, the indoor dining room with its not-so-subtle nautical vibe (see: fishing nets) will serve as a candlelit cove for dates, with the help of Argentine wines and bowls of Crab Bisque.

And about that ceviche: they’ve got more than a dozen varieties on hand, including a spicy Peruvian number made with rocoto peppers, as well as a chili-spiked Hangover blend made with Corvina, scallops and calamari.

No, it doesn’t come with Ed Helms.

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