Telling Someone to Kiss Off in 140 Characters

UD - Gunfollow Joke’s over. Fun’s been had. Vulgarities strewn... 140 characters at a time.

Yes, that foulmouthed tweet machine @MayorEmanuel was unmasked yesterday as nothing more than a mild-mannered professor from Columbia College.

Well, nothing left to do now but hit the unfollow button... Rahmbo-style.

Introducing Gunfollow, a new site that not only will sever your ties to a particularly tiresome, offensive or offensively tiresome Twitter feed—it lets you slam the door on your way out.

Here’s how it works. Say you’re following a certain A-lister who’s suddenly gone horribly, horribly off the rails. As a fan, you’re hurt. Disappointed. Confused about what you ever saw in those tweets in the first place. But before you close the door on @JoyVBehar forever, it’s time to let her know just how you feel.

That’s when you sign in to the Gunfollow website. Put in your Twitter handle, then choose one of nine preordained epitaphs to be scrawled across the offending tweeter’s feed. They range from a terse “@YourName hired me to permanently unfollow you” to a more menacing and anonymous “You’ve been gunfollowed. The Twitter equivalent of a horse’s head.”

After you put in the victim’s handle, you’ll have one final chance to make sure you really want to pull the trigger. Because once you do, it’s all over.

And you can just forget about the big @theviewtv tweetup.

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