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Like Pandora Meets Twitter...

UD - SndChck At work, you need one thing. And only one thing: an in-office humidor.

Oh, and a good playlist.

But you’re busy. So here to build your next playlist... Twitter.

Meet SndChck, a new site that helps you remember bands by creating playlists through Twitter, online now.

So say you’re at a certain upcoming music festival three hours south of here. And you’re backstage enjoying some barbecue with the Wu-Tang Clan—they love your mom’s sweet rib sauce. Suddenly, RZA remembers that there’s an English band you need to see while you’re in town.

But there’s a problem: No pen. No paper. And your fingers are covered in barbecue sauce. So without taking off your BBQ bib, you lick your tweeting fingers and type “Chapel Club @sndchck” on Twitter.

Now, as you get back to your food, SndChck gets to work. It’ll compile a playlist with 10 songs from both the suggested band and other bands that you might like. And once you return from Austin, you’ll have a new playlist waiting when you sign in.

And a guest spot on Wu’s next album.

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