Things to do for February 17, 2011

The Weekender

Bacon Beer, Italian Steaks and the Beastie Boys

The weekend still has a lot of clout in this town.

Beer and Beef Dinner at Cafe Spiaggia

Beer and Beef Dinner at Cafe Spiaggia

Piedmont, Italy—where cattle is of a quality found nowhere else. Well, unless we’re talking about the Piedmontese cattle raised in Illinois. And we are. Cafe Spiaggia spotlights homegrown beef at this five-course beef dinner (with Italian beer pairings). It’s the best Italian beef this side of Al’s.

Feb 17, starting at 6:30pm, $85, Cafe Spiaggia, 980 N Michigan Ave, 2nd Floor, 312-280-2750

Mayoral Debate After-Party

Mayoral Debate After-Party

Chicago elections are rough. Not Simon Cowell rough. But rough. So gather at this vodka-fueled post-debate bash where American Idol winner Lee DeWyze will perform. Plus, all the mayoral candidates have been invited, so this could be your chance to finally do shots with Carol Moseley Braun.

Ambassador East/Pump Room Auction

Ambassador East/Pump Room Auction

Creation. Destruction. Auction. Such is the cycle of nightlife. So as hotelier Ian Schrager prepares to reinvent Pump Room and the Ambassador East, you can bid on its iconic contents. Including the pianos, the fixtures and the sheets you had so much fun throwing off the bed.

Feb 18-20, Ambassador East Hotel, 1301 N State Pkwy (at Dearborn), 770-451-4028

Bloody Mary Brunch at Bangers & Lace

Bloody Mary Brunch at Bangers & Lace

Your breakfast sliders and sausage-studded pancakes have found their perfect complement: the new menu of Bloody Marys spiced up with everything from beef jerky and veal demi-glace to a smoky bacon beer. Actually, you may want to hold the tomato juice on the last one.

Sat-Sun, 11am, Bangers & Lace, 1670 W Division St (at Paulina), 773-252-6499

’80s Dance Party at Crocodile

’80s Dance Party at Crocodile

The ’80s were a time of violent upheaval, what with videos killing radio stars and so forth. This weekend, take the time to contemplate properly—with free pizza, mixtapes, a basement video lounge and a special tribute to the Beastie Boys, who bravely fought for your right to do this.

Feb 20, 8pm-2am, Crocodile, 1540 N Milwaukee Ave, 773-252-0880

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