Donut French Toast

Served Up

French Toast from a Donut

UD - Donut French Toast We hear you’re in for a long night this weekend. (The revelry surrounding your spring training fantasy draft knows no bounds.)

What you’ll need the next morning: something rich and eggy. Soft and warm, definitely. With layer upon layer of sweetness, absolutely.

Introducing Donut French Toast, debuting this weekend for brunch at Blue Duck Tavern to dispel your misguided notion that the perfection of the donut couldn’t be improved upon.

This is the best French-American combo since Catherine Deneuve got together with Eastwood. Or at least since Hawke hooked up with Delpy in Before Sunrise.

The chefs here make a rich brioche dough from scratch, cut the donuts out of it and then deep-fry them. The next morning, about the time you’re nursing your second Bloody Mary, you’ll give the signal to your server. That’s when your precious donuts get dunked in french toast batter, baked, glazed and lightly crusted with cashew and almond granola.

The result is something like a Krispy Kreme with an injection of eggy, custardy goodness.

But when these three (yes, you get three) hit your table in a large casserole dish, you’ll want to use a fork. Because you have yet to apply the coup de grâce: bourbon maple syrup, served from a giant glass bottle.

You’re nothing if not civilized when it comes to donuts.

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