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Feeling Luckie

Eating Barbecue in an Old Gas Station

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We’ve been doing some serious thinking.

And you need to leave the office.


So cancel your five o’clock. Close your computer. And head to Luckie’s Smokehouse, a slow-smoking barbecue lodge in Bishop Arts District, now open in their new location.

Okay, imagine a gas station, but take away the gas pumps and the soda machines. Add a smoker, a few flatscreens and a patio that looks like it’s pulled straight from a Telluride ski lodge. Then you’ll have this place.

So after you tell your assistant to hold your calls, you’ll head here. Inside you’ll find an open room with black booths, dark wooden tables and one colorful mural with 29 of Oak Cliff’s finest (give a quick nod to Yvonne Craig—she played Batgirl). And if it were raining you just might stay here.

But on days like today, you’ll follow your instincts (or the saber and deer heads) to the long stone bar for a Rahr on draft. Then walk through the two barn doors (literally from a barn) to their patio, peppered with built-in wooden booths. As you claim the corner booth, summon their slowly smoked brisket with Memphis sauce (it’s sweet) with a side of Cheesie Mac ’n Cheese, which may or may not involve bacon.

Pour out some barbecue sauce for the interns still hard at work.

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