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Possibly the Hottest Candy on Earth

UD - Bhut Jolokia Candy Yesterday: big day for candy.

Today: an even bigger one...

Because this time, your typical sweets have been given a potentially lethal dose of heat...

Introducing Bhut Jolokia Candy, made from the world’s most powerful chili pepper, available now.

Here’s what you need to know. The Bhut Jolokia, aka “the ghost pepper,” scores over a million on the Scoville spiciness rating scale—the highest ever recorded. (Your last jalapeño: around 5,000.) In its native India, it’s used to ward off elephants and to incapacitate rioters—so, naturally, someone’s gone and turned it into candy.

The results: kind of like a Hot Tamale turned up to 11. It looks more like a Jolly Rancher, but one that’s been infused with the almighty pepper. When you’re finally ready to eat it—after you’ve downed some milk and said good-bye to your loved ones—you’ll unwrap it, slowly place it on your tongue and wait. After a few minutes—or seconds, if you can’t help crunching down—your mouth will be alive with a long, lasting fire.

And your breath will ward off any nearby elephants.

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