Il Cane Rosso

Hit the Bricks

A Slice of Naples in Deep Ellum

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You remember it like yesterday.

Summer in Naples: You were lost. Thirsty. Hungry.

Then, you saw it: Monica Bellucci offering you a beer and some thin-crust pizza. That was a mirage, but what you saw next was pretty good too: a beautiful pizza joint, serving up delicious pies.

Prepare to have some flashbacks—presenting Il Cane Rosso, a bare-bones, Naples-style pizza joint sticking to a traditional roster of pies, opening today.

Your pizzaiolo for the evening: a man named Jay, who honed his craft catering area parties after training with the Naples-based Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana. (Basically, Italy’s DMV for getting a License to Pizza.)

He’s finally graduated to brick-and-mortar digs in Deep Ellum. Inside, you’ll find a no-frills joint—brick walls, dark concrete floors, tables made from refurbished wood. But behind the granite bar you’ll see the star: a massive, red oven that was handmade brick by brick in Naples.

It’ll take Jay about two minutes to whip up your thin-crust pie, so you’ll want to choose quickly from the extensive list of wine and tap beer. Foodwise, the Margherita is a safe bet, or go bigger with the Zoli, which includes soppressata and Jimmy’s sausage.

It beats sneaking a pie through customs.

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