Glacial Pace

Camping on Europe’s Biggest Glacier

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The igloo.

A time-tested fortress of ice, impermeable to wind, cold and abominable snowmen. Arctic tribes have been using it for centuries.

But in this case, you can probably just use a tent.

Presenting Tracks Across the Glacier, a seven-day trek across Europe’s largest glacier, taking reservations now.

Your journey begins in Reykjavik, where you’ll fuel up on steaming plates of barbecue reindeer. (Go with it.) Then, you’ll spend the first day learning how to harvest your own body heat to stay warm, before warming up by rappelling into a crevasse. (It’s almost exactly like when Liam Neeson was training Batman.)

For the rest of the week, you’ll be racing over snow-covered plateaus in a Super Jeep, soaking in primordial hot springs and exploring deep inside Grimsfjall, Iceland’s most active volcanic site. (Yes, even more eruptive than the unpronounceable one that disrupted your flight to Budapest last spring.)

You’ll do so under the tutelage of renowned mountain-man Gudmundur Eyjolfsson, who’ll show you how to stake the tents against savage winds, build an emergency snow cave and prepare chow for the crew. Also: to never, ever go anywhere on the glacier without a shovel.

Always trust someone named Gudmundur.


Tracks Across the Glacier
via Abercrombie & Kent Extreme Adventures


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