Black Out

Dining in Total Darkness

UD - Opaque Valentine’s dinner.

You’re probably tired of hearing about it. We understand.

But if, for some reason, you still haven’t made plans—busy week untagging Super Bowl party photos, last-minute date with ScarJo—you’re probably out of luck.

Well, if it weren’t for this...

Introducing Opaque, a two-hour, four-course meal in complete darkness, available now through Monday at the Aloft hotel.

Okay, first things first—it’s not exclusively on Valentine’s Day. It’s technically every night this weekend. But given the proximity to February 14... well, your date is going to consider it a Valentine’s dinner. So you have to, too.

Now, you should also know that the concept comes from Germany, where blind waiters (really) would serve dinner in a pitch-black room to heighten all the other senses—including your sixth sense for finding the butter.

So first you’ll line up two seats for you and your fearless date. Then you’ll head to the basement of the Aloft downtown. Here, you’ll be greeted by a waiter, who’ll whisk you away to a blacked-out dining room.

After being guided to your table, you’ll start your four-course expedition into complete and total darkness. Soon, you’ll be slicing fish, sipping wine, passing plates of watermelon gazpacho and chocolate almond mousse cake, asking whose foot that was...

At least, we think that was gazpacho.


at Aloft Dallas Downtown
1033 Young St
Dallas, TX, 75202

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